Executive coaching helps leaders to gain perspective on their current level of development and helps them to envision and realize higher levels of capability for themselves. Using methods rooted in neuroscience and current psychological research, my approach sets a foundation for high performance, growth, and success from the inside out. Typically this work is conducted at the request of company or board leadership.


The process typically starts with two conversations, one with the client decision maker (board member, CEO, or head of HR) and one with the executive to be coached. In these conversations we are gauging the fit between the executive, the presenting issue, and my approach as a coach. Some situations call for specialized expertise; when I am not the right fit, I will readily refer clients to other coaches whose skills are known to me and are appropriate.

Assessment / Evaluation

During the initial session we meet for 90 to 120 minutes. We address questions about the leader’s role the issues they wish to overcome. People are complex and multifaceted — we will examine several areas of your life in order to determine how we can best set you up for success going forward.

First Coaching Session

During this meeting I share initial perceptions and suggest strategies and actions that will help the client to move beyond their self-imposed constraints.

Subsequent Leadership Coaching Sessions

Sustained change in behavior (and therefore business results) takes six or more months of practice and effort. I generally work with a leader weekly or biweekly across 8-12 sessions, depending on preference and availability. The leadership coaching sessions can be held in person, via phone, or via video conferencing (I strongly prefer most meetings to be in person). The leadership coaching client and I jointly track progress in self-discovery and behavior change. I generally provide a regular update to the organizational client in a transparent way.